Voting Display Boosts Transparency in School Board Meetings

Transparency = Public Trust and Confidence

If you’re a school board member, you know that public transparency is crucial to maintaining trust and confidence in your district. However, presenting competence can be challenging, which can make it difficult to achieve the level of transparency and trust you want. This is where modern technology, such as a voting display for your school board meetings, can be very helpful.

One way to improve public transparency in your meetings is by using an electronic voting display. OpenMeeting Technologies offers an electronic voting display that can help to make your meetings more efficient, accurate, and engaging.

County board, city council, and school board meeting vote tally voting display.

The OpenMeeting voting display visually communicates meeting activity, such as agenda items, motions & seconds, and vote tally.

Voting Display for School Board Meetings

With the OpenMeeting Technologies electronic voting display, you can provide instant visual communication of all meeting procedures to members of the public. This can make meetings more accessible and can help to promote transparency and accountability.

In addition to improving the public experience of school board meetings, the electronic voting display can also help to improve the accuracy and efficiency of record-keeping. Instead of manually tallying votes and keeping track of who said what, the system can automatically record and document all actions. This can help to ensure that meetings are conducted fairly and follow Robert’s Rules of Order, and it can also make it easier to review and understand the decisions that were made.

Williamson County School Board utilizes the OpenMeeting voting display to boost public transparency and engagement.

The Williamson County School Board, which won the OpenMeeting Innovation Award in 2022, utilizes the OpenMeeting for School Boards system. OpenMeeting for School Boards is adapted from OpenMeeting’s popular legislative meeting management system and purpose-built specific to school board needs. OpenMeeting for School Boards features include: electronic touchscreen voting, discussion management with speaker queue, public timer and voting display. The result is more efficient, transparent and engaging meetings for all involved. School board members, administrators and the public all benefit.

Meeting members can simply tap a button on their tablets to motion, second, request to speak, and vote. These actions, and the speaker queue, are then visually communicated on the voting display, as seen in the Williamson County School Board video. Williamson County Schools also uses modern technology to switch from camera to camera, displaying each board member when it’s their turn to speak.

County board, school board, and city council meeting discussion management and speaker queue voting display.

OpenMeeting for School Boards includes discussion management with speaker queue to streamline discussion and improve citizen experience.

The OpenMeeting for School Boards electronic voting display is a valuable tool for enhancing public transparency in school board meetings. By providing a visual aid to meeting procedures, this tool can help to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and engagement of your meetings, and can ultimately lead to an increase in public trust.

OpenMeeting for School Boards helps to improve the transparency of your meetings and build stronger relationships with your community. Click here if you’re interested in receiving information about OpenMeeting’s electronic voting display solution. 

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