Voting Display

The OpenMeeting Voting Display provides instant visual communication of meeting activity to boost transparency and build public trust.


Public Display

The OpenMeeting Voting Display visually communicates important meeting activity, making it easy for everyone to understand and follow along.

Whether it’s on a 50-inch or 100-inch display, the OpenMeeting Voting Display is a big deal. It provides the transparency you need to build trust and confidence within your community.

Boost Transparency

Roll Call

Replace decades-old verbal roll call with fast, simultaneous electronic roll call. Each member marks themselves present on their tablet with the Member App. The results are then instantly displayed for both the meeting members and the public to see.

Make it Easy to Follow Along

View the Agenda

With the Voting Display, meeting members and public citizens can view the agenda item currently being discussed and voted on.

Prevent Confusion During Discussion

Requests to Speak

The Voting Display helps you avoid interruptions and prevent confusion by displaying a speaker queue.

Meeting members request to speak by tapping a button on their tablets and are recognized through the Discussion Manager. Everyone sees who is speaking and who is next in line.

Build Public Trust & Confidence

Motions, Seconds, & Voting

Meeting members motion, second, and vote on their tablets with the Member App. Votes are private until tallied, and then the results are instantly shown on the voting display. This visual communication helps everyone follow the meeting action and improves public transparency.

Maintain Order & Control During Public Comment

Public Comment Speaker Timer

Maintain control over public comment and help citizens know how much time they have left to speak. The timer is customizable and can be expanded to fullscreen.

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