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The OpenMeeting Public Display shows the important details of what is happening in your meeting making it easy to understand and follow the action.

The OpenMeeting Public Display, or voting display, creates meeting visuals that are accessible in person and remotely, making it much easier for onlookers to understand what is being discussed and absorb the proceedings of a public meeting.

City Council and County Board leaders understand the importance of providing a high quality of life and positive public experience. Council and board meetings provide citizens a window into the inner workings of their elected officials and local government process. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for interested and involved citizens to hear and follow everything going on in meetings – when they are able to attend in person, and near impossible to when they are not physically present (i.e., watching live and archived meetings online).

Electronic voting results on the OpenMeeting Public Display.
Electronic roll call on the OpenMeeting Public Display.

Roll Call

Replace decades-old verbal roll call with fast, simultaneous electronic roll call. Each member can mark themselves present on their tablet with the Member App. The results are instantly displayed for both the meeting members and the public to see.

Motions, Seconds, & Voting

When meeting members motion, second, and vote on their tablet with the Member App, the results are instantly shown on the voting display. This visual communication helps everyone follow the meeting action and improves public transparency.

Electronic voting results on the OpenMeeting Public Display.
County board and city council meeting discussion management and speaker queue voting display.

Discussion Management

The voting display helps you avoid interruptions and prevent confusion by displaying a speaker queue. Meeting members request to speak by tapping a button in the Member App on their tablets. This forms a speaker queue based on the order of the requests. Everyone can see who is speaking and who is next in line.

View the Agenda

With the voting display, everyone involved in the meeting can view the agenda item currently being discussed and voted on.

Agenda item in a legislative meeting on the OpenMeeting Public Display.
Public comment speaker timer for legislative meetings on the OpenMeeting Public Display.

Public Comment timer

Maintain control over public comment and help citizens know how much time they have left to speak. There is also an option to expand the timer to fullscreen.

Technology Integration

Our voting display is easy to integrate with your current video and display technology, keeping everyone in the room informed. If you are broadcasting or streaming your open meetings, the voting display can appear full screen during voting sequences for even greater visibility and clarity around the proceedings for remote participants. The voting display is flexible and easy to build into your current set-up and powerful enough to support your future aspirations.

When combined with the Meeting Manager and the Discussion Manager, anything is possible including active audio control, automatic video pan, zoom and switching. OpenMeeting experts work with your technology teams and partners to get the most out of your system and create truly engaging meetings for public participants in person and remotely.

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Kimberly Brickles

City Clerk, City of Springfield, TN

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City Clerk, City of Wausau, WI

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County Clerk, Oconto County, WI

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