Electronic Roll Call Voting in Virtual Board Meetings Made Easy

Voting is a central part of board meetings, but with all the changes happening in the digital age of Zoom meetings and working through all the technical hiccups that come with it, organizations are looking for ways to simplify their voting processes. One popular solution is electronic roll call voting software that works as a companion to virtual meeting solutions!

The OpenMeeting Technologies board meeting software is a board meeting platform with four integrated tools to help boards and councils keep meetings on track, especially when it comes to voting in virtual meetings.

  • Member App offers real-time, simultaneous, single-click voting.
  • Public Display allows you to display the details of your vote and maintain transparency with your citizens.
  • Meeting Manager provides simple, automated features that ensure meetings (and voting!) runs smoothly.
  • Discussion Manager gives the board chair the control they need to lead their meetings more effectively.
Local Government Board Meeting

Member App

The voting feature of our Member App is one of the most important. Members download the OpenMeeting Member App to their iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, or Windows device. Members view the agenda and follow the board or council meeting on the Member App on their device. When it’s time for board members to vote, they’re shown a simple screen that allows them to cast their votes. There are many benefits to real-time voting with OpenMeeting’s member app, including: removing undue influence, voting happens in mere seconds versus the time it takes to complete a verbal roll call vote virtually, real-time visual display of the proceedings, instant vote results, and more. In virtual meetings, the OpenMeeting Member App allows members to easily and instantly vote from the board room or home. The order this brings to virtual board meetings is significant.

The results are instantly counted and displayed, and the Member App automatically captures all the details of the vote behind-the-scenes and records them for you, saving board members and the clerk valuable time.

Member App on Mobile Device

Public Display

It can be difficult for citizens, public participants, and observers to keep up with discussion and follow all the motions, seconds, amendments, and votes. County board and city council meetings can become unclear to the citizens attempting to follow the meeting. The OpenMeeting Public Display makes it easier for citizens to follow the details of the meeting, and it clearly presents to them how each member votes. Because of this, citizen engagement is increased in the meeting, and confusion and anxiety about the meeting details are reduced. Again, this is particularly important in virtual board meetings.


Meeting Manager

The OpenMeeting Meeting Manager helps clerks keep their board meetings running smoothly. The Meeting Manager automatically and accurately keeps records with time stamps for all details of the meeting. The Meeting Manager logs all meeting activity, including votes. This reduces the need to take notes by hand while trying to keep all other pieces of the meeting running successfully.


Discussion Manager

Facilitating quality discussion during meetings is important, but certain processes and procedures need to be followed for the board to fulfill its tasks for that meeting, including making critical decisions. With just a tap, the Discussion Manager is able to present, manage, and advance procedural actions. Cameras are automatically moved and microphones switched on or muted. The Discussion Manager gives the chair tools to manage discussion and keep their meeting on track.

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