Williamson School Board Recognized for Their Innovation in School Board Meetings

Williamson County School Board Members with OpenMeeting Board Award Plaque

IT Help Desk Supervisor Todd Pewitt, IT Support Supervisor Jon Spurlock, IT Network Technician Manager Brian King and IT Director Tim McNeese stand with their OpenMeeting Innovation Award.

Williamson County, Tenn.William School Board in Tennessee has been awarded the OpenMeeting Technologies Annual Award for Innovation. This prestigious honor recognizes the outstanding efforts of the school board in utilizing OpenMeeting Technologies to improve school board meetings, transparency, and efficiency.

The William School Board has demonstrated a strong commitment to utilizing technology to enhance their school board meeting for the public. By implementing OpenMeeting Technologies, the school board has been able to increase transparency with the aid of new agenda and touchscreen electronic voting displays and increase efficiency with automatic meeting documentation and minutes.

As the Williamson County School Board continues to demonstrate their commitment to their school district and community, they set an outstanding example for school boards across the country.

Williamson County Schools continue to be a leader in the state of Tennessee in academic achievement. They were named an Exemplary District by the Tennessee Department of Education in September 2022. Being named an Exemplary District is the highest possible designation for school districts in Tennessee.

The Williamson County School Board prioritizes their community and public engagement by making their meetings transparent and easy to follow. By utilizing modern technology and the OpenMeeting electronic voting and meeting management system, they’re able to create a seamless online watching experience for their school board meetings. This allows citizens to attend meetings wherever they are.

When a board member speaks during a discussion about an agenda item, the camera will switch to that speaker, and their name will be shown on the screen. When it is time to vote, the OpenMeeting voting display will appear, which shows the results of the vote and how each member voted. Overall, their meetings are highly transparent and efficient, leading to effective legislation and a very successful school district.

The William School Board has demonstrated a strong commitment to utilizing technology to enhance the educational experience for its students and teachers and to improve the public experience of interacting with the school board. OpenMeeting Technologies is proud to recognize the school board for its leadership and innovation in the use of our platform.

The Annual Award for Innovation is given to select organizations that have demonstrated exceptional use of OpenMeeting Technologies to drive positive impact. “We are honored to present this award to the William School Board and congratulate them on their well-deserved recognition,” said Mark Netsch, Director at OpenMeeting Technologies.

About OpenMeeting Technologies: OpenMeeting Technologies is a pioneer in electronic voting and legislative meeting management. OpenMeeting is helping city councils and county boards modernize their meetings by offering touchscreen tablet electronic voting, paperless agendas, discussion management and a public display. This system improves efficiency, public perception and transparency as well as overall board member and public experience.

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